Introduction: Automatic Soap Dispenser Using Arduino

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Automatic soap dispenser using arduino: So hey guy's welcome back to new article in this article we will make a Automatic soap dispenser using arduino this soap dispenser is very easy to make In few steps you can make this Automatic soap dispenser at home without wasting any time let's see How to make automatic soap dispenser using arduino.


Today in this article we are going to make diy (Do It Yourself) automatic soap dispenser To make this automatic soap dispenser I am using proximity sensor to detect motion and Servo Motor ( Use a metal servo motor, he will be able to push comfortable) and the brain of this project is arduino uno you can also use arduino nano they will take less space recently I have no audino nano so that's why

I am using arduino uno but you can also use arduino nano as I said they will take less space using three components we made it automatic soap dispenser And the circuit segment is very easy and code I will give you Click Here to download.

And if you are having any problem in making it, then you can ask me by commenting. Now before wasting any time now, let's see step by step how to make this smart soap dispenser.

Needed Components:

Arduino Uno :

Proximity Sensor :

Motor :

Step 1: Circuit Schematics

I have Made the circuit diagram on offline software in fritzing

Step 2:

Connect a female jumper wires in Proximity sensor.

After connect a female jumper wires in proximity sensor then connect to Arduion Uno board.

Step 3:

Now take a Servo Motor and here you can see wire pinout details of servo motor.

After take a servo motor now connect male wire to servo motor.

After connect male wire to servo motor then connect to arduion uno board In the image I have made an arrow so that you will be able to understand it easily.

Step 4:

Now you can see all the connection is done in the image, now you have to upload the code in the arduion board.

Step 5:

To attach a servo motor I am using a Hot glue gun you can also use super glue.

After attaching a servo motor take a copper wire and put it on the hole as you can see on the image.

Step 6:

And tie a knot in the servo motor.

After tie a knot in the servo motor, now attach the proximity sensor and arduion using Hot glue gun.

Step 7:

After attaching here you can see on the Image our Automatic soap dispenser is properly working.

Step 8: Testing

Here you can see our " Automatic soap dispenser " is properly working If you have any query related this article then comment below I will try to answer of your question. and I will highly suggest you watch Youtube video.