Introduction: Automatic Sugar Cane Farm Minecraft

Here are step by step instructions on how to create your own sleek looking automatic sugar cane farm.

Step 1: Layer 1

Step 2: Add Hoppers and Chest to Layer 1

Make sure that all of the hoppers are going towards the chest or not all of the sugar cane will make it into the chest.

Step 3: Layer 2

Be sure that the water is flowing towards the middle of the circle. The sugar cane needs to flow into the hopper. Above the hoppers are quartz slabs so the sugar cane can fall in them. Above the chest is an upside-down stair so water doesn't flow out.

Step 4: Layer 3

For layer 3 add water on the same level as the dirt so you can plant the sugar cane. Be sure to leave space open for the sugar cane to get pushed into.

Step 5: Layer 5/6

Here is where it gets slightly complicated.

You need to place the dispenser on top of a piston, as seen in the second picture. That piston does not need to be a sticky piston.

Make sure that the Redstone coming from the dispensers makes contact with all the pistons so all the slime blocks move when the observer is triggered.

Add a layer of glass, it doesn't matter what color, I just thought green looked good.

You can also do this with honey blocks, but I find slime works a little better.

Step 6: Video

Here is a video to show how the first layer should work. If anything isn't working now is a good time to check.

Step 7: Layer 7/8

You pretty much want to do the same thing as the first layer, but now you don't need to worry about hoppers.

Make sure to leave a hole for the sugar cane to fall through and land at the bottom.

Step 8: Adding Pistons and Slime

Basically the same step as before but a more, uhhh, step by step approach.

Step 9: Keep Adding Layers

You can repeat the same steps to make as many layers as you want.
Here is what a 3 layer farm looks like. I added end rods so it lights up at night time.

Step 10: Final Product

I made the random tick speed 1000 so you could see how it works. You can see this machine isn't 100% efficient but it works pretty well.