Introduction: Automatic Tissue Dispenser (touch Free)

Today in this age of technology everything is automatics, and smart from your phone to your TV, so why not your toilet.
In this instructable I will show how to make an automatic tissue dispenser with basic parts and WITHOUT ARDUINO OR ANY OTHER MICROCONTROLLER , so there is no programming involved, just basic circuitry.
To operate the machine you just need to place your hand in front of the sensor and it will dispense tissue paper SO NO NEED TO TOUCH.
We can also make this project with Arduino to make it a little more smarter, so I have also shown how to make one with an Arduino.
The only advantage of using Arduino is that it will only supply a limited quantity of tissue, but it will consume a lot of power.
And before we start have a look at the video

UPDATED 20/2/2016:- scematics uploaded

Step 1: Video

Step 2: Materials

- infrared sensor (the eyes of the machine)
- 20 rpm geared motor (hands)
- some jumper wires(nerves)
- breadboard
- 9v battery(food)
- 9v battery clip
- L239D motor driver ( brain)
- switch

- Tissue paper roll
- a box about
- double sided foam tape (I suggest 3M)
- scissors
- few zip ties
- a pencil or a any rod similar to pencil
- a motor wheel

Step 3: Some Specifications and Features

1- can be operated with a battery as well as a 12v adapter
2- all electronics protected with a water proof bag, as to prevent damage from steam and water.
3- compact, small and looks nice
4- cost without arduino is about 5$

Step 4: Connections

The connections are quite simple and different because usually l239d is used with a microcontroller such as Arduino, but in this project it is used without an microcontroller. While playing around with parts I discovered a method of using l239d WITHOUT Arduino.

Connections are
- place the ic on center of breadboard.
- connect PIN number 4,5,12,13 of l239d with GND (negative terminal of 9volt battery)
- PIN number 1&8 to positive terminal of 9 volt battery
- PIN number 3 & 6 to motor pins
If sensors
-vcc to positive terminal
-GND to negative terminal
- out to pin 2 of l239d

Step 5: Making the Box

To put all the parts in the box -
1) make to small holes on the left corner where the motor has to be attached and fix the motor with help of zipties as shown in the picture.
2) attach the breadboard with tape and make to holes on the front side for the IR sensors
3) put the ir sensor through the holes and attach with tape
4)now take the wheel and take out the rubber part. Put the remaining part in the roll as shown in the picture. If not fits then cut a bit.
5) attach the roll to the motor through the wheel and for support put the pencil from the other end as shown in the picture.
6)make a slot for the switch and fix it there

And we are done with the project
Hope you enjoy making this project

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