Introduction: Automatic Wheeled Feed Dropper

Automatic wheeled feed dropper is a machine that is designed base on the Japanese lottery machines. There are several holes on the circumference of the feed dropper, each hole is suitable for feed to drop. The owner of pets can supply the feed dropper with feed in it before using it, then, once the owner clicks the button on the machine, the wheel starts to spin, and feed will fall out of the machine.


There are several components needed to build the automatic wheeled feed dropper

1. 118 wooden sticks

2. Hot glue

3. Thin iron wire

4. Little paper box

5. Feed

6. A motor

7. 2 AAA batteries

8. 5 electric wires

Step 1: Base of the Feed Dropper

Staple the wooden sticks in the same way as the picture showed.

Step 2: The Dropper

Penetrate the thin iron wire on the vertex at the top of the triangles, with little paper box penetrated by the iron wire in the middle.

Step 3: Fixing

Staple the base on the paper box.

Step 4: Circuits

Step 5: Placing Everything on Point

Put the batteries onto the box, and stick the breadboard on to the box too.

Step 6: Codes

Step 7: Decoration

Decorate the machine with papers to make the machine looks like a cute dog.

Step 8: Video