Introduction: Automatic Bicycle Pump

Fill your bicycle wheels with conveniently available pressurized air stored in automobiles.

Step 1: Materials

You need a 50cm-100cm long air hose and two chucks. Make sure the hose fits very tightly on the chucks.

Step 2: Assembly

Push the hose onto the chucks. It should be a very tight fit. If it is too tight you can soften the hose by heating it in warm water.

Step 3: Steal Some Air!

Take your bike and go find a hummer (or some other overweight vehicle). Fold the hose in your hand so you don't waste any precious energy. Attach one end to the automobile tyre and the other to your bike. When you unfold the hose you can hear a hiss. That is the sound of air flowing to your bike wheel and the world becoming a better place :) Fold the hose again before you detach it from both vehicles.

Remember! Thou shalt not steal air from public transportation. Public transportation is good.