Introduction: Automatic Food and Water Dispenser for Pets Controlled by SMS

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Sorry for my english. I decided to make this project for two reasons: Participate in the animal innovation contest and for my cat. If you really like this project please vote for it.

It is a food and water dispenser which is activated by sending SMS.

When we send the letter 'F',the food dispenser is activated, and when we send the letter 'W' the water dispenser is activated and it turns off when certain level of water is reached.

List of materials:

  • Likit One Board with GSM antenna and sim card.
  • Servo, i used sg5010
  • Relay of 5v
  • Ultrasonic sensor HSR-04
  • Mini Pump water
  • Water and food bowl
  • About 3' of tubing for the pump
  • About 8'' of resistant wire.
  • Wires
  • Wood for the box.
  • And pet food XD

This project was made in wood, but i think that made in acrilyc will be very pretty.

Step 1: The Diagram

Wire the circuit as shown at the diagram. The pump must be connected to an external voltage source of 5v - 12V due to its current consumption.

Step 2: The Food Dispenser

The food dispenser is activated when a message text with the letter 'F' is received.

I made it by using a plastic bowl that i cutted the bottom side and attached a resistant wire to the servo, this way when the servo moves certain angle, the bottom side also moves allowing the food drops for about two second, later the servo reachs the original position and the gap is closed.

I used a SG5010 servo but any servo with a good torque can be used.

Step 3: The Water Dispenser

For this part, a mini pump water is controlled by a relay of 5V and stays on until the water bowl is full. So that we need an ultrasonic sensor Hc-sr04 for detecting when the level is reached. In this project when the distance between the sensor and the level water is about 8cms, the water pump is turned off.

The pump water must be connected to a external voltage source.

Connect the tubing of 4mm of diameter to the pump, and connect the pump to the relay and voltage according to the diagram.

Step 4: The Code...

Download the code and upload it to your linkit one board. Don't forget connecting the GSM antenna.

Download the code

If you like this project please vote for it in the animal innovation contest. Thanks a lot.

Comments, suggestions? Please let me know it.

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