Automatic Soap to Hand Sanitizer Hack!

Introduction: Automatic Soap to Hand Sanitizer Hack!

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Use you automatic hand soap dispenser to pump out hand sanitizer!  It is great to have around the house, by the restroom, in the office or anywhere else!

Step 1: Acquiring the Dispenser

Just about any store will have some kind of automatic hand soap dispenser, so any will do.  I used the one pictured.  To begin, remove the plastic soap bottle.  Get a blunt knife or even the tail end of a for and pry it under the lid of the soap container.  They have a few things to prevent you from doing this, so don't be afraid to use a little muscle to get it off.  Just be careful not to break it.  Once the lid is off, pour out the soap.  Then continue by rinsing out the container until all of the soap is completely out.   Next put the hand sanitizer of your choice and put the lid back in place.  If you wish for your dispenser to be a different color, get some spray paint and carefully go over it with a few coats or until desired color is achieved.  Once the paint is dry reinsert the plastic container into the automatic dispenser.  No you are the proud owner of a unique, hand sanitizer dispensing beaut!  

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    2 years ago

    I just use large drill bit, get as much plastic out wash for bit and done easily refil

    A far easier way of doing this is to melt a hole in the upper end of the bottle (when in the dispenser) with a small round electric soldering iron to suit the bung to be used and a suitable small plastic funnel. No need to pry the top off of the bottle nor to remove any detritus caused by drilling.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I am very allergic to hand sanitizers and also alcohol. Had a heck of a time last year when I was in the hospital. Not sure if they were as glad to see me go as I was to get out of there. Was not a safe place to be when you have MCS.

    People need to start making better choices in their life. Each year more and more people become allergic to chemicals. I believe one of the biggest problems we have is FRAGRANCES. We can start making better choices and than these large companies will stop selling us garbage and give us better products. Right now they just want our money and sell us toxic products since so many people have no idea as to what they can cause. Why our goverment does not put a stop to these toxicins I have no idea except maybe they get paid off by the large companies.

    Washing your hands properly with soap and water and nailbrush (personal) will clean them much better and remove and kill bacteria then alcohol based hand sanitizers . Hospitals should have mini sinks with touch less soap dispensers next to the patients beds.