Introduction: Dc/Dc Converted Xbox 360

This Instructable is to walk you through the steps of making your Xbox360 capable of being used in a car without an inverter. It involves only a few parts and the ability to solder. Obviously a Xbox360 would be helpful along with solder, wire, and soldering iron or gun. I had a Roadmaster VRFM8BLN Mp3/WMA Fm transmitter w/usb lying around and wasn't using it.Roadmaster I decided to put it to good use and allow it to power my Xbox360. This is how I did it.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the death of your Xbox360 or your automobile if this project goes a rye. There is slim chance that anything could happen but be careful and when it doubt use a ohmmeter to ensure the correct volts and amps. GOOD LUCK!

Step 1: Material List

QTY Description
1 Xbox360 with power cord ($300.00 and up)

1 Roadmaster Vrfm8 Fm transmitter. about ($20.00)

1 Female 9 Position interlocking connector ( part number 274-229) $2.59

2 Male 9 Position interlocking connectors ( part number 274-239) $2.59

1 Three pack of wire at Radio Shack (18-20 AWG, 1 red, 1 black, and 1 green spool) ???

Also: Electrical tape, soldering gun or iron, solder, and I like using a third hand that hold objects to make soldering that much easier.

Step 2: Power Cord

Grab the power cord for the Xobx360. You are going to cut the cord coming out of the box that is

part of the power cord. You want to cut the wire that is coming out the same side the light is on.

MAKE SURE IT IS NOT PLUGGED IN !!! I cut it in the middle of the cord. You can cut it where you

like but it's really up to you, just make sure there is enough wire to work with.

Use a razor or cutting pliers to sheer off the sheathing (make sure not to cut the wires inside).

There should be 3 yellow wires (12v), 3 black wires (Ground or neutral), 1 red (5v'), and 1 blue

(power enable). Strip the wires of their sheathing. Instead of crimping, I soldered the wires to the

metal tabs that were provided in the package with the connectors. I soldered all the wires to a tab

first and then inserted them into the connector. REMEMBER: The connectors only fit in one way

together so make sure when putting the tabs in that the connectors are right side up. Make sure

the appropriate tabs are connected to the appropriate wires. REMEMBER: The connectors should

be the mirror image of each other. Yellow on the inside and going outward next would be ground

and blue on top of the third column with red right below it. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: The one

female connector is going on the wire that goes to the Xbox. The wire coming out of the inverter

box on the power supply gets a male connector. When finished and made sure that the wires line

up in the connectors then electrical tape the wires that are exposed to the elements.

Step 3: The Roadmaster Demolition

We are going to grab the Roadmaster Fm Transmitter. If you have never taken apart a cigarette lighter plug it is quite simple. Unscrew the cap with the silver tab sticking out. There should be the screw top, metal tip and a fuse that pops out. Put these objects to the side but keep handy. Next is the metal collar. Just pry this off with your finger tips and the casing should open, probably with a little force. There was no screws in mine but make sure there is none in your before prying apart. when open there are two silver tabs on the sides. One is attached to the board the other is flying solo. Put the solo tab to the side. The screen and buttons are attached by a couple wires. Cut those wires and electrical tape them so they do not come in contact with the board. Separate the board from the casing.

Step 4: Almost There

Now that you have the board out take a look at it. the topside will be where you connect to get the 5

volts and the underside will be where we get 12-14.2 volts. I used the red wires to as 12V, black as

ground and the green as 5V. The Power Enable is not used here. So in this connector there will only

be 7 male ends. I soldered three red wires together (lengths are identical but specific length is up to

you). I Did the exact same with the Black (Length depends on your preference) Solder the three red

wires to the underside of where the spring connects to the circuit board. Solder the three black

wires to the underside of the metal tab. Flip the Board over and locate the 5 volt regulator. Solder

the green wire to the output prong of the regulator. The regulators flow is left to right. The regulator

right side up is when the two or three prongs is pointed down and the metal tab on the back of the

rectangle box is pointed away from you. If the regulator is held like this then the left prong is the

input and the right is the output. If there is a center prong it is usually ground a long with the metal

tab on the back.

Step 5: Finishing Up the Xbox360 Dc to DC Connector

Now that you have finished soldering the three red wires to the 12 volt positive, the three black wires

to ground, and the green wire to the output of the 5 volt regulator it is time to solder the male tabs onto

the other end of the wires and then put them into the correct connector spots. After that is done, it is

time to close the casing with the new and improved circuit board in it. Place the board in the same

spot it came out in and put the wires out to the side. You will most likely hacve to squeeze the

case together because it wasn't design to hold 7 extra wires. Put the board back into the casing.

Have the wires extruding out one of the side openings. Put the top case on and make sure to put

the end of the tab in it's place before doing so. When squeezing the front end together place the

silver collar on the front lip. Then place the silver nipple on the red wire we soldered to the spring.

Then place the screw top over the nipple and screw down. Once the front is all together hold down

the back end and electrical tape all the exposed wires and the but end of the DC plug to ensure it

not opening.

The DC to DC plug is finished...Hooray!!!

Step 6: The Leap of Faith

Now that all your connectors are done it is time to make sure they work. Make sure to align the

male plugs with the appropriate female plugs in the connectors. If done wrong could destroy your

Xbox360 and/or car. Try plugging in the normal power cable and make sure it works. If it doesn't

check all the connections and that the male tabs line up with the female tabs. Once that is done

take the Xbox end of the cord and the Dc to DC plug to the car. Make sure to bring the remote and

A/V cable. Connect the Male and Female connectors you installed. Now on one end of the wire is

a cigarette plug and on the other is the power input for the Xbox. Now plug the A/V cables into your

head units Component input (red, yellow, white). Plug the A/v cord and the power cord to the back

of the Xbox. Finally plug the Dc to Dc Plug into the cigarette lighter. Power up the Xbox using the

controller and if everything is right it should look like this...

Step 7:

Check the video out for the culmination of this Instructable. I hope you enjoyed it and that it all worked out. If any problems or comments do not hesitate. Thank you for reading.