Introduction: Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot With Self Finding Flames



This is our first project.

so let's get started.

The concept of this robot is very simple.

  • save human life
  • automatic
  • low cost
  • quick
  • fireproof

this robot is designed with a strong structure this 2nd generation of fire fighting robot. clear concept and very faithful, so building this robot is very simple just some steps so follow instructions to build this robot.


require this things:

  1. 1/ Arduino mega
  2. 1/ l293d motor module with 12 v extra input
  3. or 1/ l298n motor
  4. 2/ 12v 200 rpm motor
  5. 1/ relay module
  6. 6/ flame sensor
  7. 1/ servo (sg-90)
  8. 1/ 1.5 meter by 1.5 meter plywood sheet 4mm
  9. 1/ pump
  10. 30/ jumper male-female wire
  11. 1/ GPB (General purpose board)board
  12. 1/ female work header
  13. 3/ male male jumper wire
  14. 1/medium size universal 4 side wheel
  15. wood steak 1inch by 1inch &1 m long
  16. aluminum foil 18 m long 30cm broad
  17. pipe 50 cm 1cm diameter
  18. 12 v 1amp power supplier
  19. 1L container

Step 1: Body for Strong Structure

1.first cut the main base

take plywood sheet and cut the part which is in image.


2.take other plywood sheet and cut 2 piece of 45cm*35cm

cut both of the sheet as shown in the image

cut X part in image

3.cut 2 piece of wood shown in 3rd image from other plywood sheet

4.take wood steak cut 4 piece long 17 cm


5.cut 4inch long piece from wood steak

Step 2: Electronics & Connection

connect as shown in image

  1. every red wire is vcc in image
  2. black wire is ground
  3. do is digital output pin
  4. i1,i2 is left motor
  5. i3 i4 is right motor
  6. if motor not rotating perfectly so change motor connected wire to motor mounter
  7. for pump connect 12+in common and pump +wire in n.o.
  8. give 12v to Arduino mega through vin & ground


click on this link :-cut & paste the code

Step 3: Assembly

assemble the robot as shown

take 45*55cm plywood sheet

join cut piece for motor vertically

join 4 piece of wood steak (17 cm)in the corner of wood

mount electronics as shown

and mount servo on center deck on second wood piece

now it like look like shown in image

join container join the pipe

note:- I use aluminum foil for wrappings but i take care about short circuit.

if you not have idea you should not use aluminum foil or wrappings

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