Autonomous Robotic Fridge

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About: Current Junior at Texas A M University majoring in Mechatronics, focusing on future robotics and automation. Inspired to work with complex robotics and revolutionize the automation industry in the world.

The Autonomous Robotic Fridge has six major components; the Touch Screen Display, Water/Ice Dispenser, Fridge Drawers, Fridge, Freezer, and Robotic Arm. 1)The Touch Screen Display has the functions of any tablet where you can access apps, open the browser, or watch videos; however, its main purpose is to display to the user the statistics of what is inside the entire fridge. Overall it can display: • The quantity of each food in each container/compartment. • It calculates expiration dates from the day you place the food inside for the first time using data from the internet, and displays expiration dates that are coming up soon. • The number of containers/compartments available in either the fridge or freezer. • The current temperatures of the Fridge Drawers, Fridge and Freezer. 2)The Water/Ice Dispenser serves its purpose of dispensing purified water at any desired temperature from room temperature to cold temperature, and of course, dispenses ice in the regular or crushed form. 3)The Fridge Drawers are mainly used to hold the liquid containers such as milk, juice, sodas, water bottles, etc. These drawers are controlled autonomously by simple voice commands or by selecting to open/close on the touch screen. • The Top-Drawer slides in and out with a regular sliding mechanism. • The Bottom-Drawer slides in out and out plus, it uses a lift mechanism to raise at about the same height as the Top-Drawer.  -This avoids elderly people or adults to strain their bodies while trying to grab/place something from the bottom.  -This raising mechanism may be disabled if preferred by the user from the fridge settings on the touch screen. • Both Drawers may not be opened simultaneously unless the raising mechanism on the Bottom-Drawer is disabled. 4-5)The Fridge and Freezer work just as any fridge/freezer today, serving its purpose of maintaining food cold or frozen. What makes this fridge different than others is the rotating/slider compartment mechanism inside both the fridge and freezer. The mechanism includes: • Two levels of compartments.  -Top level has a total of 12 compartments (6-Medium and 6-Small sizes).  -Bottom level has 3 big compartments. • Each individual compartment has its own slider mechanism to slide in and out of the fridge. • Each level of compartments, rotates entirely depending on what it has to bring out of the fridge. 6)Finally, from an overall perspective, this fridge is supposed to interact with the user as smoothly as possible when it comes to cooking something, or knowing what you are missing or about to run out of. For example, you tell the fridge you are about to cook eggs with sausage and bacon. The fridge automatically tells you if you are missing one of the ingredients and if you want to continue. Pretending all ingredients are fully stocked. The Window/Door of the fridge opens, slides out the container with eggs, the robotic arm grabs the container and places it on the counter or table for you and does the same for the rest of the ingredients. As you grab what you need from each container, you just tell the fridge to return the containers inside and it will keep track of the quantities in each automatically. This way, keeping track of what you have and need is much easier since everything is well organized and the hassle of trying to find something inside is avoided. The parts of the design were created in Inventor Professional and exported to Fusion for assembly and renders. Thank you for your time reading the description!

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