Introduction: Autumn Center Piece

Recycle your old jars for a lovely thanksgiving center piece!

Quick and easy

ETA: 1hr.
Cost: 4 bucks for the mod podge.

Step 1: Material

Mod podge
Pressed Leaves
Food coloring
Table spoon
Cup Cookie tray
Tin foil

Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees

Step 2: In a Cup

Mix 6-10 drops of food coloring with 2 tablespoons of mod podge

Add 1 teaspoon of water

Stir until the color if your choice looks pretty

Step 3: Pour

Pour your glue, water, colored concoction into the jar of your choice.

Rotate the jar until the pretty color coats the entire inside of the jar from top to bottom.

When done, flip the jar upside down on a paper plate and let it sit for 5 minutes. The extra will just leak out.. This is good. Don't panic.

Step 4: Tin Foil

Tin foil the cookie tray.

Put the jar on the tray. Keep it upside down. Bake for 6 minutes.

Remove from oven. Place a fresh piece of tin foil over the icky part and flip the jar ight side up and let it bake for 30-60 minutes depending on the size of your jar.

Step 5: Check It

Check on it every now and than. It'll become more and more transparent and pretty!

When done- remove from the oven WITH OVEN MITTS and let it sit until it cools.

Step 6: Leaves

When the jar is cooled.. Mod podge the pressed leaves from your own backyard and paste them to the jar. Its messy but fun!

** I pressed my leaves in a dictionary for 3 days and they came out perfect. No need to go crazy.

Step 7: Let Dry

Let the leaves on the jar dry.. Than second coat it with mod podge.

Once all dried out.. Add a fake candle or light!