Autumn Jewelry Project- Free Orange Beaded Tatting Bracelet Patterns




Introduction: Autumn Jewelry Project- Free Orange Beaded Tatting Bracelet Patterns

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With the advent of autumn, I feel so much more coolness; this orange tatting bracelet pattern is very suitable for autumn, for it brings me warmth, if you want to be in good mood, please follow to make the orange beaded tatting patterns free.

Step 1: Prepare the Jewelry Making Supplies

Materials on making free tatting bracelet patterns:

Orange nylon thread

8mm agate beads

4mm seed beads

Iron scissors


Step 2: Make Basic Tatting With Beads Patterns

1st, prepare one 80cm and one 140cm orange nylon threads, put two threads together, fold the two threads in the middle of the 80cm thread. fix the threads with a clip, you can get 4 threads, they are 40cm, 40cm, 40cm and 100cm. use the third 40cm thread as axis, tie 8 larks head knots with the right longer thread;

Step 3:

2nd, take down the clip, tie two larks head knots with two ends to make a tatting loop;

Step 4:

3rd, thread a blue seed bead, an agate bead and a blue seed bead to the left thread, use the middle two 40cm thread as axis, tie 4 larks head knots with the right longer thread, slide a green seed bead, then tie 4 larks head knots again, at last, tie a larks head knot with the left thread and other three threads, the basic tatting bracelet pattern is done;

Step 5:

4th, do the same with 3rd to make the second beaded tatting pattern;

Step 6: Finish Free Tatting Bracelet Patterns

1st, once the length is suitable for your wrist, cut down extra three threads, fix them by a lighter, then thread an agate bead to the left thread, tie overhand knots to fix the agate bead, cut the extra thread and fix it by lighter;

Step 7:

2nd, connect the beaded tatting bracelet pattern; the integrated tatting bracelet pattern is done.

Step 8: The Orange Beaded Tatting Bracelet Pattern Is Like This:

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    6 months ago

    Your bracelet is beautiful and I will definitely be making it. However, I'm pretty sure this is called macrame, not tatting. If the terms are used interchangeably, I am not aware of it.


    5 years ago

    Es muy lindo el trabajo....un saludo desde Perú


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i saw this. excited to caught my eye.very pretty, thank you for sharing..very very pretty.thank you god bless you love donise feb 22,2015 love donise amen


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for ur comment, just give it a try!