Introduction: Autumn Outdoor Playing Game: Horse-chestnut Curling Game

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I was walking along an outdoor playground for kids with some playground slides there.

I noticed a lot of conkers from horse chestnusts covering the ground as it does on this part of Europe at similar period of the year.

I was already playing with those heavy and hard froots on outdoor ping pong tables with little interest.

Then I had an idea: Playing a darts like game with those nuts and using outdoor equipment.

This was the starting point of this fast outdoor game.

You must look on wikipedia or any other sources what people do with horse chestnuts. Some game are pretty close to boules games like Pétanque.

Why is it different? it is more like curling as you have a target using a slide to reach given positions.

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Step 1: Inventory

-an opponent -the more smart ass the better, yeah kids, it works too-

-a playgound slide

-horse chestnuts conkers

-a paint marker large "red" and a paint large "blue"

-a wooden stick (to measure the distance between the conkers...I'm kidding right)

Step 2: Prepare the Game

-Paint 2 larges dots at two opposite locations for half of the horse chestnuts in blue for the other half in red. Let it dry.

in case of one extraball? hum keep in your pocket maybe you ll need it later chummer (reference to a well known sci fi RPG)

-Trace 4 concentric circles regurlarly spaced. Maximal target size: 1 meter diameter.


Now one way to decide who will start (many other possibles such as Rock-paper-scissors first scoring two):

-Choose a distanced object (5 to 10 meters) as a target, count three to one and both players must throw one conkers in direction of the target - a slight delay can be observed. The nearest starts.

A player having not thrown his chestnuts must at least say a good word to make clear he is leaving the start. If the other disagree, then the disagreed player plays second. Forcing the player to play first.

If both do not, they go get a beer and play horse chestnuts beer pong instead...

Step 3: Play and Acclaim the Winner

-The first player (by the method of the nearest conkers, here the RED) must shift one chestnut which must slides along the slide part.

-The second player do the same with one chestnut (the BLUE)


Throwing the chest nuts will be attributed by an automatic no points scored.

The chestnut can bounce several time on the security trim of the slides. This is still correct if the first rule is respected.

A chesnut being touched by another chesnut does not do anything

Do not inject any suspicious product to your chestnuts -no oil, no soap, no testosterone or EPO allowed, chestnuts curling is a 100 % dopantfree sport. Worth mentionning that very strict urine and blood controls are carried out randomly as the function of the age of the captain... understand who could-

Both Players play the same number of chestnuts 3, 4 or 5.

At the end of the round counts the points 100 for the bull eye, 50 for the smallest ring, then 30, 20, and 10. A chesnut sliding, bouncing and rolluing outside ring with value 10 enter the no point area. In other terms this chestnuts bring you no point.

In the example, the Red wins the round. As the Red started this round, Blue will start the next one. The player who starts changes alternatively and automatically until the end of the game.

The first to reach 7 rounds wins the game.

The loser must claim the following sentence like people do on a royal court (and not a rocal yourte...Ok what does it mean?) Long life to the winner! Long life to Him!

You can adapt those rules to your wishes. If you follow this instructables as you do not know why you should play outside and a slide and chestnuts.... then you should follow the given rules.... you will or not right?