Introduction: Avacado-it

This device will help make it possible for those with the ability to use one hand, to cut an avocado.

Step 1: Insert Avocado Into Device

Step 2: Close Device and Gradually Insert Pins on Both Sides Slightly

Step 3: Set Device Upright on Hard Surface and Insert Knife Straight Down Against Device

Step 4: Cut Avocado Around the Pit

Step 5: Place Device on Table With Hinges Up and Continue Cut

Step 6: Remove One Pin, Open Device and Flip Avocado

Step 7: Reinsert Pin and Finish the Cut With Hinges Faced Up

Step 8: Press Down As Far As Possible on Both Pins

Step 9: Open Device Remove the Two Halves, Press Down on Half With Pit and Remove the Pit

Step 10: With 2 Halves Still Attached to Pins, Cut Avocado Into Slices Pressing Against Hard Surface

Step 11: Printing Instructions

Download .stl file, print on 3D printer (preferred filament type is PETG), once printed snap hinges together.