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Introduction: Avatar Make Up

About: I am a Makeup Artist, crafter, party lover and mother.

I love to transform myself into different characters with makeup! No need to wait until halloween to get a cool costume, follow this instructable to transform into an Avatar.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Little rubber bands

Blue face paint

White face paint

Black face paint or eyeliner

White eyeliner

Black eyeshadow

Navy blue eyeshadow

Makeup brushes and Makeup sponges

For the ears:

White paper

Hair pins


Blue face paint

Pink eyeshadow

Black eyeshadow

Step 2: Braids

Make two strand braids all over your hair and hold them with little rubber bands in the tips.

Step 3: Blue Foundation

Use your sponge and blue face paint to paint all your face. Cover the hair line, ears, mouth and neck.

Step 4: White Points

Use the white paint and a clean sponge to paint light spots in the nose, the highest part of the cheeks, chin and in the space between the eyebrows.

Blend them with your fingers or with the sponge.

Step 5: Nose

Use a brush and black eyeshadow to draw lines from the eyebrows down the nose to make the nose look wider. Blend this lines to the sides and paint the tip of the nose with the brush to to make it more squared.

Step 6: Blue Eyeshadow

Use the same makeup brush and a navy blue eyeshadow to draw lines in the forehead, the cheeks and neck. Put some in the crease of your upper eyelids and in your eyebrows.

Step 7: Eyes

Use the white eyeliner to draw a line in the waterline of your lower eyelids. Use the black eyeliner to draw thick lines in the upper lid right above the eyelashes and in the lower eyelid right under the white line.

Step 8: Lips

Use the black eyeliner to outline the lips shape and the blue eyeshadow to blend the eyeliner to the inside of the lips.

Step 9: White Dots

Draw white dots with the white facial paint between the lines we draw in the forehead, down the nose and in the highest part of the cheeks.

Step 10: Mascara

Finish up with lots of mascara in the upper and lower eyelashes. This will make your eyes stand out. If you're a guy just skip this step.

Step 11: Ears

To make the ears, just cut two long rounded triangles of paper, paint them with the same blue face paint, paint the inside with pink eyeshadow and make some lines with the black eyeshadow. Fold the base and stick a hairpin holding both sides.

These are the prefect compliment for your avatar costume. Have fun!

Step 12:

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