Introduction: Avocado Costume

Here is how to make an avocado costume for Halloween. This is an easy and quick costume to make and its also one that people love. You will be the most popular person at the party, especially if you also prepare the secret ingredient (home made guacamole).

Step 1: Step 1: Obtain Materials

The avocado is made out of cardboard, so the first step is to get free material! I went to REI and they gladly give away bike boxes. Bike boxes are huge, so you will have plenty of cardboard to work with.

In addition to cardboard, you will also need paint. I got two different colors of green, light green for the center, and darker green for the edge. I got two 4oz tubes of the light green and one 4oz tube of dark green. I was very generous in using the paint, and that was still plenty.

You also will need a pit for the center. I just so happened to have the perfect spherical chunk of wood lying around. That was lucky, but if you don't have that, you could simply paint a brown circle in the center. Or if you want to keep it three dimensional, I was thinking of using a plastic bowl instead.

You will also need shoulder straps. I found an old belt and cut it in half to get the strap material.

Step 2: Lay Out Shape

Figure out how big you want your avocado to be. This will be dependent on how big you are and what size cardboard you have. Try holding up pieces to get a feel for the size. If you make the top too wide, you won't be able to use your arms.

Once you have a size you like, draw an avocado shape to fit the overall dimensions. I free handed this one while looking at an an avocado.

Then cut your shape out. The bike boxes are made with really thick cardboard so this was actually pretty difficult. I managed to cut it out using a combination of box cutters and scissors. Safety first! Make sure you don't cut yourself.

Step 3: Add Straps and Nut

I attached the straps with black duct tape. Make sure to fit the straps to an ideal length before taping. I went pretty wild with the tape, but it had to support the weight of the wooden pit. If you are using an alternate pit, the strap connection doesn't have to be so beefy.

I attached the pit using velcro. I stuck the velcro on the nut, then stuck that on the center of the cardboard so everything was lined up. The velcro is very secure and it even lets you remove the pit if you wish!

Step 4: Paint!

First I painted the light green interior, and then added the dark green outline. I squirted paint on and then spread with with spatulas. It goes on with a avocado-like creaminess. If you are painting on your nut, do this now as well.

Step 5: Make the Secret Ingredient

This part is important if you are going to a Halloween party. I think I followed the Bobby Flay recipe, but I'm sure you can find some good ones on Instructables as well. Don't forget the chips!

Step 6: Put It On!

Ok now you are done! Just put the nut on there, strap it on and you're good to go!

Avocado fun fact: Avocados are not vegetables, they are fruits, specifically they are single seeded berries.

Avocado nutritional information (for one medium size haas): 240 calories, 24g of fat (mostly good fats!), 12g of carbohydrates including 9g of fiber, 3g of protein, and around 20 different vitamins and minerals!