Introduction: Avocado Cutting Engineering

By: Candler Boland, Noah Avery, Paxton Lifsey, Dray Gentry

As everyone knows, avocados are a delicious fruit. Even though they are typically cut using two hands this does not mean that people with one hand should have to struggle with this task.

Our Tool:

With our tool, people can cut avocados with one hand.
-After our research we determined the size of our tool to be able to hold the largest and smallest of avocados.

-The pegs that are on the inside press inside of the avocado and hold it still.

-The screw-able clamp that we designed clamps our tool onto the table so that the user's cutting platform remains stationary.

*To use our tool there are a few steps*

Step 1: The User Must Screw the Clamp Onto the Table.

Step 2: The User Must Place Avocado on Top of the Pegs and Press It Down So That the Pegs Hold It in Place.

Step 3: The User Must Use a Knife and Slice the Avocado in Half While It Is Still on Top of the Pegs.

After slicing, all the user has to do is pull the top half of the avocado off and then remove the bottom half of the avocado from the pegs.

Step 4: Enjoy

Now it is time to enjoy your freshly cut avocado.

Step 5: How to Print Our Tool:

To be able to create our tool, a user must access the STL file we have created. Then they must set their 3d printer to use the correct filament that is used on he tool, and then they must proceed in actual printing.

We would recommend to use PLA rather than ABS material because PLA is generally stronger and serves as a more durable material.

Also, as there are different uses for better situations, different variables in our tool vary before the printing process begins. If you feel the dish does not fit the avocados that you use, you can change the scale to fit different sized avocados and countertops.