Introduction: Avoider MouseBot

About: just a simple guy who loves panda and building stuff

Have a broken mouse? or an old/unuse mouse? Then Lets make robot :)

This simple mouse robot that is capable of avoiding obstacle by using scrap materials like an old mouse. It is just using SPDT(Single pole double throw) microswitches w/ lever for reversing the motor/battery polarity.

Step 1: Parts

*an old mouse

*2--- (1.5-5v)dc motor.


*2 ---1.5v AA battery(you can use any battery or higher volts to speed up the motor)

*some connecting wires(solid wires)

*1----rocker switch

*2 ----micro switch w/ lever (SPDT-single pole double throw)

*horn(i used that yellow plastic) any will do as long as it is able to pressed the switch

*some gluestick for mounting the horn.

Step 2: Schematic Diagram

In Open switch Condition(not click) - As long as The NC(normally closed) is connected the mousebot will turn forward.

In Close switch Condition(click)- The NO(Normally Open) will short and make a closed loop in opposite direction thus the mousebot will turn backward.