Introduction: AwaXinO Project

Hello friends!Before I start describing my device, I want to tell you about the reasons that made me come up with it.Each of us has at home a lot of devices and devices that are used only occasionally.It is also very necessary to use a device that is not available or requires its purchase.In addition, such thoughtless use of the planet's resources, the disposal of outdated electronic devices leads to the fact that the resources of the planet Earth will soon run out.As a representative of the first space state Asgardia,it is not easy for me to watch how the inhabitants of the planet create their own problems. Within two years, a universal device was configured that can replace most devices useful for home and work.The basis of the device is the Arduino Nano controller, the Nokia 5110 LCD display as a display device,a universal PCB for all your solutions and ideas,as well as several expansion boards.This device with the same electrical circuit has at this time more than 15 applications.Its cost is quite minuscule and it is quite free to buy with delivery to anywhere in the world on the Chinese resource Aliexpress or Ebay(links to I will give you the purchase below).This project is fully open and your contribution to the common cause of resource conservation is welcome.

So, what is AwaXinO?This is a universal module with 3-button control, display and convenient outputs and inputs.All Arduino pins that are not in use are output to connecting connectors for expansion boards or external use.There is a port for connecting the RTC DS1302 real-time clock module.Later revisions of AwaXinO are more unified and allow the use of several types of displays(including other LCD,OLED, TFT,4-bit LED etc), 4 buttons or an encoder and IR sensor are used as controls,and the DS1307 real-time timer can be connected via the I2C bus.(in the most recent revision, installing the DS1307 chip and quartz).There are several modifications of this Board 1)standard,2)extended,3)minimized,4)extra-simplified,as well as several revisions using ESP controllers.All the firmware that I will post in this article is freely available ,and most of them are written by me personally in the FLProg program,you can also redo sketches from the Internet under AwaXinO.In one article it is very difficult I'll tell you everything,so initially I'll just show you an example of using it as a home weather station.

Step 1:

To build it, you will need:

NOKIA 5110 LCD display x 1

Nano Atmega328P module x1

RTC DS1302 x 1 DHT11 humidity sensor x 1

The barometer sensor BMP180 x1

Push button switch 6*6*5 x3

Swith (SK12F14G4-2) x 1

as well as PCB for Assembly.

Self-Assembly is very simple and affordable even for a housewife.For your convenience, the video instruction is below.

Step 2: ​The Next Step Is to Download the Firmware Library to Your Device.

Step 3: Final Assembly of the Device.

Link to STL files for 3D printing of the case.

Link to download libraries for Arduino.

Link to download the sketch (option 1).

Link to download the sketch (option 2).

This project has a fan group in the social network and technical support.

You can purchase accessories and new models of the device her

The cost of the device from my exclusive partner is very low and is equal to the average price of modules plus delivery to anywhere in the world.I wish you the realization of your most beautiful creative works.

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