Awesome Airplane

Introduction: Awesome Airplane

Step 1: Items

One paper

Step 2: Fold

Fold the top corners to the middle

Step 3: Down

Fold it down

Step 4: Fold

repeat step one to this

Step 5: Down

Fold it down again

Step 6: Half

Fold in half and rip a square in the far corner of the middle

Step 7: Open and Close

Open it and repeat step two

Step 8: Up and Down

Fold the middle up and fold in half

Step 9: Fold

Fold the back down and do the same on the other side

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    9 years ago

    You make me mad


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It looks like a variation on the Nokamora Lock but I don't think it is an improvement. I do have some constructive criticism for your instructable. 1) be more descriptive with your steps and use diagrams using standardized paper folding symbols. 2) try to get clearer pictures. 3) Use a new piece of paper for the pictures not you old unfolded airplane because in the pictures there are folds that show that could confuse the readers.