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Introduction: Awesome ArduLIGHT

There is a new trend to make the car look different from the other similar cars. One of which is to make the car lights lit / blink not as usual.

Such trend began in BMW cars, as BMW uses Lighting Control Module (LCM) to regulate all lightings in the car, from head light lights, tail lamps up to cabin lights.

Various modules used in this trend are connected to the LCM Module of the car as the case of Piggyback for Racing / Performance upgrades on the car's ECU.

Thus, cable connection from LCM module to the lights needs to be modified.

After having learned various car electrical references and examples of finished products on x the internet, I decided to use Microcontroller (MCU) to set the flicker / flash of my car head lights, which fortunately I have, the diagram of my Lighting Circuit Diagram, then I have made two versions and the latter is the enhanced version.

Step 1: The Project Is Named ArduLIGHT Module.

The MCU being used in this project is Arduino Nano V3.0

Arduino Nano V3.0 have 14 Digital Inputs/Outputs and 6 Analog Inputs. which is able to control up to 14 lamps for this project.


In order to remotely control the unit or from outside the car, Universal IR Remote Control as the picture below is used.

This Remote Control could be used universally, each key of any IR remote control sends / transmits different codes. Each code can be used for any desired things.

Codes of the above IR Remote Control are as below:

Power 16753245

Mode 16736925

Mute 16769565

Play 16720605

Prev 16712445

Next 16761405

EQ 16769055

- 16754775

+ 16748655

Loop 16750695

U/SD 16756815

1 16724175

2 16718055

3 16743045

4 16716015

5 16726215

6 16734885

7 16728765

8 16730805

9 16732845

0 16738455

Step 2: ArduLIGHT ​VERSION 1.0

Above is the first version scheme or the trial phase. IC 7809 is used for generating 9-V regulated power to MCU (arduino Nano V3). IR Remote Sensor is used for data input from IR Remote Control to MCU. The number of Relay Modules in ArduLIGHT version 1 was 8. Output relay is used for switching on/off the lights.

I tried to color print a front view picture of a car (fortunately similar to mine). LED is mounted on each lamp on the picture, serving as material SIMULATION

Above is video SIMULATION of ArduLIGHT with Remote Control and Relay Module



After conducting several tests, among others changing the scheme, the MCU Board needs certainly to be remade 3 ARDUINO NANO units were ‘BURNED And not less interesting… 3 Arduino Nano MCUs were broken due to electric current leak or due to Electric Noise of the car (might be due to ignition etc.) But don’t give up… the research should continue!

TESTING ON BOARD ArduLIGHT unit was tried to be installed on board,..

SUCCEEDED!! Watch the video above…

Step 4: ArduLIGHT ​VERSION 2.0

After having improved several times, both the scheme design and MCU Board, the expected schemes was finally achieved. Previously, the board used module relays, and now all relays were changed by MOSFET DRIVER circuit, removing the ticking sound of the relay.

To avoid backflow to the MCU and Mosfet, 6-Amp Diode is used at the line-in and Line-out.

The Mosfet being used is P-Channel Mosfet IRF9540N, which is able to accommodate 23 Amp power .

The board is still using Universal 2 Layer PCB, as shown below.

All Mosfet units are cooled down by one Heat sink. The Unit is ready to be mounted on board.

Step 5: FINISH and SUCCEDED!!!.. the Result…

Enjoy this video..

thank you!


Translated by : Taufik Masjhur

Library & Sketch Code:

Library IR Remote Control Arduino could be downloaded here.
The Arduino Sketch Code

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Amazing idea. You'd might have to consider the legality in having lights like this. Its starting to look a little emergency service-y. Amazing idea though.


    7 years ago on Step 3

    I guess it will kill your lightbulbs... It is not good for lightbulb when it is switched on and off quickly


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is fantastic!

    I HAVE to put this in my Lincoln Mark VIII


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! Great modification to your auto headlights with arduino!