Awesome DIY Flipflops From Recycled Fabric




Introduction: Awesome DIY Flipflops From Recycled Fabric

Hi folks!

For a Flip flop project, I made a sustainable flipflop myself. I am very glad with the result and would like to share it, so that people get inspired to create innovative sustainable flipflops themselves. Let me know what you think, or share your creations!

I used recycled fabric for the flip flops, which is obtainable at clothing sortering companies, by just sending them an email. You probably only have to pay for the transport costs!

It took 3 hours to create one flipflop (including the design), and 0 euro's. I wore one for a day and they fit perfectly!
Here's what I did:

Step 1: Bottom Sole


Tear off the sole of an old shoe, sandal, shoe, whatever

Step 2: Straps


Take an old bag and cut off the straps, make sure to keep the clasp

Step 3: Top Sole


I took a piece of pressed recycled fabric sheet, with a bioplastic (PLA) cover. Normally used as isolation material, quite soft 
Redraw the shape of the sole and cut it with scissors

Step 4: Sides of the Flipflop


I took another piece of pressed recycled fabric sheet, which is quite hard, but still flexible. Normally used for sound absorbtion panels.

Cut 2 stripes that can be used as the side panels of your flipflops. I cut them a little curved at the top, so that the flipflop from side view will look curved, higher at the heel, lower at the toes. 

I connected the pieces by stitching them together by hand. 

Step 5: Taping and Stitching the Top Sole and Sides Together


Use some Ducttape to tape the sides to the top sole
First picture is from bottom view, second from top view

What I did not show here is that I stitched together the sides and top sole at some point, je m' excuse, was too excited

Step 6: Attach the Straps


Make 2 incisions in the duct tape and put the straps in. Make sure to leave a strap part for in between your toes, see step 8.
Duct tape them in the inside to the sides of the flipflop
And to be sure they will not come out during use, stitch them to the side and top sole.

Step 7: Attach Bottom Sole and Fill Up the Flipflop


Because I was lacking a staple gun, I used some screws to attach the sole to to the sides
Screw first like 4 screws, or multiple staples into the sides at the front of the flip flop

Fill up the cavity with raw recycled fabric. This stuff takes care of the damping of your flipflop. It is normally used in building's insulation mats

Close the sole once it is filled, by screwing in the screws, or stapling.

Step 8: Place the Toe Strap and Attach to Other Straps


Fit the flipflop (without standing on it) and draw on the top sole where you want the toe strap to be.
Cut a hole in the bottom and top sole and put the toe strap in place.
Stitch it to the other straps

Step 9: Enjoy!


Put some pressure on the flipflop to spread the fabric inside to a comfy shape

>>>>Enjoy your upcycled flipflops from worthless recycled fabric!

Please try it yourself and leave your comments!!!!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Well you could just use the rubber from an old tire if you want to make it all recycled.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for tour comment. Youre right. and I wanted to do that.
    Actually I started to deflate a worn out spare car tire of a roomy, but he wasnt too happy about that and I had to put it back

    Improvement point for a next pair!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I don't understand the advantage of taking the sole off a pair of already made sandals to be put onto a pair of home made sandals


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I bought these sandals some time ago, but I was gonna throw them anyways because they hurt my feet, I dont like them and I never wore them.

    So why not upcycle the sole, to a pair of flip flops??