Awesome Engineering



  • Are you a Technology (UK) / Shop (USA) teacher? ...........Do you want to create a challenging and inspiring curriculum? .......... Are you interested in making Engineering the most important subject in your school? ............. If the answer is yes, then I can help.

    The Engineering course delivers a comprehensive selection of projects, taught over five years from yr7 (11 year olds) upto yr11 (15year olds). 

    Learning Objective
    By undertaking each of the projects listed below students will develop knowledge and understanding of all the tools, machinery, processes, workshop practices, design skills required for a GCSE in engineering. Projects have been carefully linked to the UK national curriculum so all the skills the students must learn are covered over the five years. Each project has a main focus and a target age range:
    • Pencil Box                        -  CAD / CAM  -  Yr7 (11 years old)
    • Creative Photo Frames     -  Plastics  -  Yr7 (11 years old)
    • Phone holder                    -  Introduction to Engineering machinery  -  Yr8 (12 years old)  
    • Cable Keyring                  -  Enterprise activity  -  Yr9 (13 years old)
    • Coaster                            -  Enterprise activity  -  Yr9 (13 years old)
    • Air Engine                        -  Precision engineering  -  Yr9 (13 years old)
    • GID Keyring                     - Indexing  -  Yr9/10 (13/14 years old)
    • LED Light                         - Basic Electronics  -  Yr10 (14 years old)
    • Gear Box Lamp                 - An example of final coursework / independent thinking and creativity - Yr11 (15 years Old)