Introduction: Awesome Google Easter Eggs

In this Instructable, I will be sharing with you some of the best Google easter eggs on the web.

(An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in a work such as a computer program, video game, or movie.)

Step 1: "Askew"

Searching Google for "askew" or "tilt" will cause the search results to be displayed at a slight angle.

Step 2: "Atari Breakout"

Searching Google for "Atari Breakout" using Images will start a game of Breakout using the image results as bricks. When one wins, it searches something else randomly and plays again.

Step 3: "Do a Barrel Roll"

Searching Google for "Do a barrel roll" will cause the search results to rotate 360 degrees when showing.

Step 4: "Zerg Rush"

Searching Google for "zerg rush" causes a bunch of Google "o"s to attack the result page and eventually destroy it; the user can, however, fight back by tapping on them. After destroying the results, the "o"s then arrange themselves into 'GG', meaning "Good Game".

Step 5: "Bletchley Park"

Searching Google for "Bletchley Park" will cause the title of the info card to appear as if it was being deciphered by Google.

Step 6: "Conway's Game of Life"

Searching Google for "Conway's Game of Life" will produce the Life simulation described by Conway. It will spell "Google" if the user looks closely.

Step 7: "Google in 1998"

Searching Google for "Google in 1998" results in a 1998 Google search screen appearing in place of the current Google search screen.

Step 8: Google Pig Latin Interface

The Google engineers must have been bored when they designed this feature, but if you are interested, you can search Google using Pig Latin.

Step 9: Google Pirate Interface

If you like, you can search the web with Google Pirate.

Step 10: Google Mirror Interface

The search page and search results will appear as if they were reflected by a mirror:(

Step 11: Google Gravity Interface

The search page and search results will crash down and pile up at the bottom of the page:(

Step 12: Underwater Google Interface

The search page and search results will fall from above and plunge underwater:(

Step 13: Google Guitar Interface

To play a song on the Google guitar, you can either tap the strings or type in letters and numbers. A few songs are listed on the page.

Step 14: Google Snake Interface

You can play a game of Snakes here by using the up, left, and right keys:(

Step 15: Google Terminal Interface

The search page and search results will appear in terminal format: (