Introduction: Awesome Instructable Robot Necklace

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Recently I scored 10k + views and I was really happy.Christmas is ahead so I made this to gift for one of my school friend.



  1. A Spray or any type of aluminium can
  2. A small hand saw
  3. A black thread
  4. Red and black marker.(red is necessary if you want to make the same one as shown).
  5. A print of instructable robot.
  6. Acetone or nail paint remover.
  7. And a pointed thing for scratching.


  • Remove the print on the can also remove the cap and put it aside,do not throw the cap we will use it in the future.
  • Now take the marker and cut the hard top and bottom as shown in the image.
  • Once marked,grab your hand saw and cut it.
  • After it is cut,wash it with water.
  • Now you can easily bend and straight the sheet with hands.

Step 3: Making the Design

Now cut the robot from the paper and mark its boundary.Once the boundaries are marked make the interior design.Use a red marker for a yellowish finish at the end.

Step 4: Cutting and Cleaning

  • First cut the design drawn with a sharp scissor.
  • Then take some acetone or nail paint remover on a cotton and rub it on the robot.
  • When you will rub it on the color will change to orange and further cleaning will change the color into yellow.(Once it is yellow cleaning it further will be useless as nothing is going to happen).
  • Do not worry when cleaning, as when you will clean it you may see the interior design easily.


Now grab something with pointed tip like a scissor or a compass and start scratching.Scratch the inner design and fill the circles.Take the help of the image for scratching.

Step 6: Coloring It

Now take a black marker and fill the face and the body of the robot.

Step 7: Adding the Thread

Take the cap of the spray can and cut a square piece.Now make a hole in top of that square and pass the black thread through it.Take the square and paste it at the back of the robot using glue and black tape.


It looks cool and awesome for a instructable author as a christmas gift. ;)

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