Awesome Matchstick Craft Wall Hanging!



Introduction: Awesome Matchstick Craft Wall Hanging!

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Want to decorate your house with something different and made with your own hands? There are various ways you can make a wall hanging craft at your own. Also, you don’t need to visit the market to shop for the ingredients. Every ingredient is easily available in your home itself as we are going to make something best out of waste materials.

So, here is how you can make this adorable wall hanging craft for decorating your walls.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

  • Cardboards
  • White paper sheet
  • Glitter sheets
  • Match sticks
  • Stone lace and bead lace
  • Craft mirrors and craft beads
  • Pearl lace
  • Pencil, eraser, scale,and pointer
  • Cutter and glue

Here is what you have to do with the ingredients.

Step 2: Let's Cut the Cardboard!

  • Take cardboard, a pencil and a pointer. Take a radius of around 7 cm and make a circle with it. With the same measures, make another circle on a white paper sheet.
  • Now take measurement of 3 cm and make 2 arks intersecting the circle, while one mark on the upper side from the intersection points to the above forming a triangle on the white paper sheet. Make two more triangles on the sides. Using a scissor, cut the central triangle with an arc shape base.

Step 3: Let's Draw the Design!

  • Take the triangle and place it on the circle made on the cardboard. Draw a triangle on the circle. Similarly, make other triangles on the entire circle forming a sun-likea figure.
  • Now take the white sheet again. On the point you had cut the triangle, place a match stick and make a point on the top of the match stick. Now take the match stick and place it on the top of the triangle and make another mark. Finally, place the match stick on the other end and make another mark there.

Step 4: Let's Cut the Design!

  • Join all the three points straight using a scale and pencil. Cut the figure using a scissor. Take the cut-out figure and place it on one of the triangles made on the cardboard. Using a pencil, mark a point on the top of the white sheet. Place the white sheet on every triangle and make pencil marks.
  • From the points marked on the cardboard, make straight lines to the top of the triangle joining two ends of every triangle to the point. Using an eraser, wipe out the unwanted lines and leave the big triangular design on the small ones.
  • Now using a cutter, cut out the outer triangle as well as the inner triangle too.

Step 5: Let's Paste Matchstick!

  • Take a candle and a matchbox. Light the candle and take the match sticks. Burn the other end of the matchstick till it turns black.
  • Apply glue on the cardboard and stick the match sticks on it. Place the match sticks beside each other properly. In this way, cover the entire cardboard using match sticks. This would give the outer as well as the inner border a black shading.

Step 6: Let's Cut More Cardbaord Shapes1

  • Now take the inner cardboard of 7 cm diameter and draw a circle inside it. Cut the circle using a cutter.
  • Now take another cardboard and make a big circle on it. Cut it using a cutter. Place the match stick cardboard on the big circle. Also, take the small circle and place it in the center of the match stick cardboard.
  • Now using a pointer and make a small circle on the cardboard. Cut it out with a cutter. In this way, you shall receive three circles in different sizes.

Step 7: Let's Paste Glitter Sheets!

  • Take three glitter sheets of different colors. Apply glue on the big circular cardboard and stick the glitter sheet on it. Using a cutter, cut out the unwanted borders. Similarly, stick the other two glitter sheets on the remaining two circular cardboards and cut out the borders. Using glitter sheets also cover the sides or edges of the circular cardboard.
  • Now take glitter sheet strips and the match stick star cardboard. Stick the glitter sheet strip in the inner side of the match stick cardboard.

Step 8: Let's Paste Circular Cardboard!

  • Now turn the match stick cardboard and apply glue on the back side. Take the big circular cardboard and stick it below the match stick cardboard.
  • Secondly, stick the middle size cardboard and stick it inside the match stick cardboard properly in the center. Finally, take the small circular cardboard and stick it on the medium cardboard firmly.

Step 9: Let's Decorate the Craft!

  • Time to decorate! For this, take some craft mirrors, stone lace,and beads too. Stick the craft mirror in the center of the small circular cardboard. Also, take a beaded lace and stick it surrounding the craft mirror using some glue. Surround the beaded lace with stone lace with glue.

Step 10: Let's Paste Stone Lace !

  • Now apply glue on the edges of the small size circular cardboard and stick the stone lace on it.
  • Take a stone lace with three stones. Cut the lace in such a way that it forms a diamond shape. Stick the diamond shape stone lace on the edge of the small circle below the beaded lace at a particular distance. Cover the entire circle.

Step 11: Let's Paste Pearl Lace!

  • Now take a pearl lace and stick it on the middle circular cardboard inner side, edging the small cardboard. Take some craft mirror in leaf shape and stick it above the pearl lace covering the entire middle circular cardboard.

Step 12: Let's Decorate Small Cardboard Piece!

  • Take a cardboard and draw three small circles using pointer and pencil. Cut them using a cutter. Take three circular mirror crafts and stick them in the center of the cardboard. Surround the mirror craft using bead lace using glue.
  • Apply glue on the remaining portion above the beaded lace. Stick the match sticks on it cutting them to a particular length. Cover the entire cardboard similarly with the match sticks. Similarly, cover the other two circular cardboards with match sticks too.

Step 13: Let's Make Hanging!

  • Take a beaded lace and stick it behind the three small circular cardboard. Stick the other ends of the beaded lace behind the star shape piece to give a hanging like a charm.
  • Finally, take a beaded lace and stick it on the top side to give the craft a hanging.

Step 14: Conclusion

So, doesn’t it look beautiful on the wall! You can make as many walls hanging crafts as you want for your walls. Again, you can also use the colors of your choice and other decorative ideas too for decorating the wall hangings. So, how have you designed your wall hanging craft? Show us your designs and share your ideas too.

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