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So, I heard you wanna build a Robot for Robowar. I can help you with that and even save you from the mistakes I confronted throughout my first experience of building a robowar bot. So there you go.


Metal for armor (refer to the competition guidelines considering the width of armor, generally it lies between 5-10 mm)

Wheels (Choose wisely- they are really important, but more important is the defence you are providing to protect them)

Motors (1000 RPM and more than 30 kg torque ,12-24 V)

Weapon System (Cutters, Drums, Pneumatic, Hydraulics, Wedge etc)

Controller (like Arduino or any other readily available to you)

Relays (should handle proper current requirements like 10-15 Amps)

Remote Controller (In my case, it was flysky ct-6b)

and lastly


Step 1: Chassis Design

I used the sheets used to protect Transformer Valves as they were readily available and...Man they are tough!

Took measurements according to design, used Cutter to cut the adequate shapes and sizes, weld them and grind the irregularities. Backside of the chassis was made wedge shaped to avoid direct impacts.

Make holes to fit the top cover of body by by cutting measured strips and use drills to bore the holes.

Step 2: Fix Motors and Wheels

To Fix Motors, you need to take proper measurement drill the holes for motor shaft and then drill further more holes for fixing motor with screws and bolts, I used johnson motors, but I should tell you go for better options.

Next, after fixing motors use hard metal sheets to provide wheel defense. use really heavy armor because wheels are crucial here and you don't wanna see your robo gaping for breath.

Step 3: Electronics Part

For Electronics and control

use Arduino uno as controller

Firstly, for motor drivers I used L293d but, the don't supply enough current. So, next option was L298, but that also supplied 2 Amps max. So, best option is using relays.

Supply is provided with 3 lipos 11V each, which gives tremendous current.

Note: to charge don't rely on local chargers use only balanced chargers, the comes around 1500 bucks barely and your batteries are good to go within 20 minutes.

Step 4: Weapon System

BLDC, appropriate ESC, bicycle chain, a pair of smooth Barrings, metal cutting blades

I used Cutter as weapon system and a 2200kV BLDC to rotate it with bicycles chains for power transfer.

The speed was pretty awesome and sufficient for damaging tyres.

Step 5: Finally

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