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Introduction: Awesome Watermelon Keg

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Hi Maker!

In this Tutorial I Show How To make Watermelon Keg for an Awesome Summer!

You can see my video Here:

You need only few Components and the result it's really good!

I made This Watermelon Keg in only 1 hourThe Principal Object You need:
✔ Spigot
✔ Watermelon
✔ Mixer
✔ Knife

I see the first time this video on Householdhacker's channel on the video "How to make a Watermelon Keg! (3D Printed)" Search it on Youtube.

Step 1: Prepare the Watermelon

The first step it's to prepare your watermelon.

cut the two external side of your Watermelon, 1 side to make it stay standing and other side cut a little more to carving inside for remove the pulp.

Grab a Big spoon and carefully remove all pulp from the watermelon, clean well the walls of ' watermelon but not remove the white part.

Step 2: Insert Your Spigot

Now one of the most difficult part, create the hole for the spigot.

the hole should not be too large, but the right size of your spigot.

For make the hole I use one of this:
Corer, usually I use for remove the core of the apple.

After inserting the spigot, fix the internal part with a little gasket...

Insert one glass of water to test your watermelon, if you did everything correctly should not lose the water.

Step 3: Mixer!

Now you need to mix your watermelon pulp with egual part of water and put all in the mixer...

Don't leave the pulp much bigger because the Spigot can plug and the drink don't flowing.

If you don't like the seed of watermelon you can filtered the Drink and remove it.

Step 4: Happy Party

Your Watermelon Keg it's finished, you can mix different Drink in Your Keg, like special Cocktail with Watermelon or other...drink responsibly

This Project for Your summer i'ts really awesome and when your friend go at your party They will be amazed.

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Thank You so much for Your Attention :D

If you want follow me here on instructables or on my Youtube Channel

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