Introduction: Ways to Wrap Presents With Brown Paper

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Step 1: Awesome Ways to Wrap Presents Using Brown Paper

Impress with your gift giving by using these tips to when gift wrapping using brown paper

Step 2: Weave Technique

  • Cut strips of paper at a width of 1cm each.
  • Glue two strips together at the tip to form a longer stripLay one colour vertically and weave with the contrasting colour.
  • Move each strip closer together and glue on your already wrapped present.

Step 3: Paper Fan Embellishment

  • Make a paper fan and glue to the centre of the wrapped gift
  • Cut strips of coloured card stock paper, glue strips long enough to go over the borders of the present.
  • Cut fancy shapes into the strips using a hole punch
  • Glue the two ends together
  • Glue the strips on the present

Step 4: Garland

  • Print out a garland design of any kind.
  • Place on tissue paper folded in 4 to 5 times
  • Cut out the design and open to form the garland
  • Cut and an glue tissue paper with contrasting colour to garland
  • Glue garland on wrapped present

Step 5: Paper Butterflies

  • Cut out rectangles from tissue papers with two colours
  • Glue together and twist to make a butterfly
  • Glue paper butterflies on the presents

Step 6: Fruit and Foliage Effect

  • Pick out dry leaves (possibly ones with autumnal colours)
  • Dried fruit slices (apples and citrus fruits work fine)
  • Glue on to gifts
  • Tie a string to your present