Introduction: Awesome IPod Touch (1st Gen) Game Boy Color Case

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this is an ipod case made from an old GB color. as you can see, it still looks exactly like a game boy in the front, but on the back, theres an ipod! its good if you dont want your ipod stolen, caus it looks like an old, jank gameboy

Step 1: Opening the GameBoy

because those bastard at nintendo are so afraid people will tamper with the gameboy's insides, they decided to be total losers and make the screws, not an X or I, but a Y (grrr)
because of this unfortunate circumstance, we will have to make our own special screwdriver for this special screw. (that is, of course, assuming you dont have a compatable screwdriver)

what you need:

a dremel
a rough sander attachment
a vice is extreemly useful
a well lighted area (the cuts are going to be small)
a high attention span
a gameboy color
a small (really small) hex wrench

Step one

clamp the hex wrench in the vice REALLY tightly. make sure your dremel is on the lowest power setting, and insert the rough-cut sander attachment.


sand the tip of the hex wrench down to a triangle, each of the three corners matching up with the notches on the screw.


put on the fine-cut sander bit and sand the SIDES of the triangle inward, untill the wrench fits into the screw notches.

Step 2: The Unneccisaries

cut out the battery area. try to get the sides as straight as possible, and test the size with your ipod frequently to make sure it fits.

Step 3: Next Step

keep the circuit board inside the gameboy, and cover it with a piece of black duct-tape or felt, to prevent the back of your ipod from being scratched. be careful with the on/off switch though, because it tends to fall off a lot. if you choose to paint your gameboy, take off the screen and buttons, so that the gameboy looks legit when its done.

Step 4: Making the Plastic Screen-Protector

find a piece of plastic that can be cut to fit the space in the back of the gameboy. the plastic packaging that most electronics come in is what i used, and believe it or not, you can still use the touch screen through the kinda-thick material. cut it to fit the hole you cut in the gameboy, and make sure the ipod can fit inside with the front being held on the back. make sure you cut a hole for your ipod's home button. if everything fits, then hot-glue the plastic to the perimeter of the hole. try to use as little glue as you can because it might increase the thickness.

Step 5: Done

screw and glue the gameboy back together. i sprayed a clear-coat over the flat black to give it a darker, more gameboy-y color
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