Introduction: Awesome Sharpness and Super Bubble Bokeh

Hi all

Here my project. First of all sorry for my english, I'll do my best for explain good!

I've founded some projection lens very interesting, mainly the Leitz Hektor 100, Isco Gottingen Ultrastar MC 100, and Meyer Diaplan 100 f2.8... all are for 16/35mm projector.

What you need:


1) projection Lens like above

2) n°1 Nikon or Canon macro tubes extension

3) 52mm polarizer filter (this is suitable for Nikon prime lenses)


1) Drill (best is like in the picture)

2) 2.5mm drill

3) 3mm diameter male thread (like in the picture)

4) n°1 precision burin (Beta tool)

5) Autocad drawing, is better but you can draw the lines at 120° for mark the holes on a paper, with compass

Step 1: Step 1: Mark the Center of the Holes

After you have to mark the holes on pipe number 2 by using a pen, and after with the burin (Beta 31 tool in the picture)

The macro tubes are numbered from 1 to 4. I've buyer these on eBay

the number 4 is not used to guarantee the infinity focus on Nikon cameras.

Step 2: Step 2: Make Holes With Drill

I've used the 2.5mm diameter drill bit... briefly do the holes.... remember is aluminum!

Step 3: Step 3: Make the Thread

here I've used 3mm male threading.... is not so difficult to do this....After clean the holes with file

Step 4: Step 4: Assembling the Tubes

Here I've used an old Vivitar 52mm polarizer for safe the camera's image sensor, installed between the tubes number 1 and 3. I've modified the order of the tubes:

Camera ---> adapter ---> n°1 macro tube---> 52mm polarizer filter---> n°3 macro tube--->n°2 macro tube (with holes)

I keep safe the camera sensor from aluminum dust or something else can enter inside my camera by using polarizer filter tighten between n°1 macro tube and n°3 macro tube.


Step 5: Step 5: TADAAA

Here the Isco Gottingen Ultra star MC 105 mm f2 is thither installed inside macro adapter. I can focus from 0.4 meter to infinity by moving forward and backward the lens and use screw for block it. I will buy these screw due to safe the lenses

Step 6: Some Examples...

I'm here for any questions!

good light!!!



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