Introduction: Awesomely Cheap Spool Holder!!!

About: I'm an aircraft mechanic, and I recently got into woodworking. I'm learning, so comments are appreciated.

It's so rare that I have amazing ideas that I need to put them online so others tell me they're good.  (Also I guess to make your lives better too...)

Anyway, do you have a bunch of spools that you want to have easy access to, but the spool holders on instructables actually make you do stuff?  Or worse, buy stuff?  You're in luck!  If you have a pegboard, the standard pegboard holder doohickies, and some spare 1/2" or 5/8" tubing, you have a spool holder in potentia already!

Just take two of those screwdriver holder thingamabobs, stick them sideways, put the tubing through with your spools between them.  That simple, and it looks like it's meant to be that way. 

Let me know if you like it!  And if you don't like it, well that's just silly.  Cause it's awesome.

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