Axe Can Safe (wide Opening)

Introduction: Axe Can Safe (wide Opening)

How to make a safe out of an Axe can.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Power Drill
Drill bits
Small file
Center punch
Large file (optional)
Safety Glasses
Hack Saw
And electrical tape not pictured

Step 2: Get It Safe (to Cut)

Hold down with tape, rubber bands, younger brother, the trigger to let all the compressed gas out.
Remove plastic top.
After that Drill a small hole in the top to let the rest out if there is any. To do this use a hole punch and make a divot in the top of the can so the drill bit wont move around.

Step 3: Cutting

Look on the can there is a shoulder were the cape clips on cut there.

Try to keep the cut straight with the can. Try to use a vary fine toothed bladed to keep the metal from getting all torn up.
And like I did put it in a vise but don't smash it just keep it so it does not fall when cutting.

Cut away.

Step 4: Clean the Cut

Use the large file to clean the out side of the can were it was cut but on push inward to the center of the can.

Then use the small file to get the in side of the can with a out word motion.
repeat about 3 times or till you are satisfied with it.

Step 5: Getting the Cap to Stay On

Do only step 2 if you want the cap to be closed and flat on the top.
1.Using the electrical tape place it on the small Shoulder to get a nice tight fit with the cap.
2.Using black electrical tape cover the cut to make it safer. and easy to remove and put on the cap.
Try the cap on it and if it doe snot stay on add more tape.

Step 6: Use It

Place what ever will fit and you want to keep safe (hidden) from every one else).
Or just show it off.

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    pancho del rancho
    pancho del rancho

    11 years ago on Step 6

    just finito in the cover if u take out the insides it will make the cap go more in and smaller i took it out with some pliers and just put E-tape on the cover good instructable now i got a safe

    dude i put this in a plastic bag to let the air out it had a few left i tied the bag in 1 minute i opened it i could see the fumes then i smelled the can it smelled like alcohol im currently doing this so yay now i can smuggle money yay


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Great.Good pictures and clear text.I will make this. 5 stars.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job! I love making cool hidden safes to hide my stuff. This Instructable has better pictures and instructions than the other one. 5 stars.