Introduction: Ayaan Nair - Rehabilitation Gym

This model was made to participate in the James Develin's student design challenge. In my opinion this is a flexible and supportive gym for people who may or may not have injuries. My gym includes yoga mats to do yoga and feel calm and relaxed. There are treadmills for people to get their runs in.

Step 1: Making the Layout

The most challenging part was trying to figure out the spacing of where to put the equipment. To the top right there is the front desk to enter and exit the gym. To the bottom right is a room where two people allowed at a time to walk or run on the treadmills. There are also treadmills to the left of the room. There are yoga mats by the front desk to do yoga. The two little rooms to the bottom left are the changing rooms (one for male and one for female).There is a private room to the top left where you can register a room for 2 hours and get a personal trainer within those 2 hours if you are needing assistance, struggling with something, or having issues.

Step 2: Equipment

For the yoga mats, I used squares and made them shorter. I changed the width of the mat however big I wanted it. For the treadmills, I used a square for the bottom part of the treadmill where you step on. Just like the yoga mats, I changed the width and height however I wanted it to look like. I used two cylinders, rotated them 90 degrees so the two flat sides are facing up and down, changed the width of them, and placed them horizontally from each other at the two edges of the square. I made a board above the two cylinders and made a screen in the middle of the board so people could watch videos or listen to music while they are on the treadmill to get motivated and keep them going. I also made two handle bars to hold on to just in case if anyone falls off the treadmill.

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