Introduction: Ayurvedic Indian Massage - ABHYANGA - Relaxing Full Body Massage With Oils

As per ayurveda, the functional body movements are smoothly conducted it shows the healthy structure. This movement also carries the mind hence thoughts also will be more clear if the movements in the body are smooth. Skin is the most important sense organs and most porous part in the body. It can easily regulate the suble movements in the body hence the importance of skin care.ABHYANGAM [GENERAL MASSAGE OF BODY WITH OIL]Abhyangam is a popular body massage in ayurveda. The word abhyanga itself means to masasge. Abhyangam is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well being. Abhyanga is the anointing of the body with oil. Often medicated and usually war, the oil is massaged into the entire body before bathing. For thousands of years people have used abhyanga to maintain health, benefit sleep patterns, increase longevity. It has also been used as a medicine for certain disorders. Abhyanga can be incorporated into a routine appropriate for almost anyone. It provides the body the necessary life energy to recover, refresh, renew and enables the mind to be relaxed. It wipes the negative energy of the body and makes the body powerful.