Introduction: Ayurvedic Indian Massage - Akshi Tarpanam - Eye Massage

Ayurvedic Indian Massage - Akshi Tarpanam - Eye Massage.

Akshi tarpana, a rejuvenation programme and eye care treatment in Ayurveda and Panchakarma, Kerala.During Tharpanam, hollow wells of black gram paste and gently sculpted around the eyes. Therapeutic, medicated oil is poured in these wells. This therapy has a relaxing and cooling effect on irritated and stressed eyes. It relieves eyestrain, improves eyesight and other eye-related problems. It also prevents eye diseases and strengths the optic tissue. Eyes are the most important and beautiful among five sensory organs. it is said that 80% of the knowledge we gain is through our eyes. it is needless to mention here the worth and praise about the eyes. even though our eyes are one of the most important organs in our body, yet people neglect to care about them and rarely pay attention until there is some serious problem. so prevent and protect your eyes through ayurveda: