Introduction: B-Barz

The purpose of B-Barz is to bring a healthy, no processed ingredients, no GMO snack to people.

Step 1: Ingredients

~oats, ½ cup

~butter, 1 tsp

~honey, ½ cup

~strawberries, 5

Step 2: Steps

1.) use a food processor grinder to make oat flour

2.) mix the oat flour, butter, honey, baking soda, until it is a batter like

3.) shape the batter into rectangle bars

4.)blend the strawberries until they are jam like, then spread the strawberries onto the bars

5.) put bars into fridge for 5 minutes

6.) serve cooled...

Step 3:


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    6 years ago

    Interesting recipe! Just for reference if you would like to add some progress/step photos so that others can replicate your projects then it will receive more attention from the community and be possible to be featured on the site. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Create-a-Fe...