Introduction: B102-6 Hair-tie

Create a device on your own to help you tie your hair with one hand!

Step 1: Download File to Print.

Download the three separate files to print out each part of the 3D object.

Step 2: Putting Together the Device

First, find the large piece without the hook and then the small curved piece. The small piece will fit in a hole on the bottom of the rounded piece as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Connect the Third Piece on Top to the Other Two

To finish building the device, put the 3D printed piece that has the hook on top of the other two by placing the connecting piece in the third piece's hole. You should be able to move the pieces by opening and closing them.

Step 4: Gather Up All the Hair With Hair-tie on Bottom

Put the hair tie around the two smaller rings on the bottom. With the device in hand, gather up all the hair and lay the hair inside the open clamp. It may be easiest to lean your head back and have the device sit under your hair. Let your hair sit in the clamp while still holding the device.

Step 5: Close the Hair Clamp and Lock

The hair clamp has a male-female part that will lock the clamp once pushed together. After you lock in your hair into the clamp by shutting the device and locking it, you will be able to let go of the device and your hair as it will stay in your hair so that you can begin the next step.

Step 6: Put the Hair-tie Around the Hair

Pull the hair through the hair-tie that is wrapped around the rings on the bottom by putting your fingers through the tie from below the hair tie. Once the hair is through, take the hair-tie off of the device and just hold the ponytail inside of it.

Step 7: Put Hair-tie Around Two Larger Semi-circle Rings

Once your hair is pulled through into a pony tail, use the top two rings that are larger than the bottom two to put the hair tie around. To do this, you will first twist the hair-tie and then you will attach the hair-tie around the rings and keep it there.

Step 8: Pull Hair Through to Finish Ponytail

Once the hair-tie is on the rings, pull the hair through by putting your fingers through the hair-tie and grabbing the hair. The hair will then be sitting between a hair-tie that has been twisted twice. Finally, unhook the tie from the rings and slide the contraption out from the hair to finish your ponytail.