Introduction: BADMINTON Racket BUMBLE BEE

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I'm planning six classes for a local Summer craft club.    The biggest challenge is that we have very little money in which to pull this off, and I really want these children to be able to make items they will enjoy and wish to keep.  This project fits perfectly.

I found a bunch of bent Badminton rackets at a garage sale.  I explained what I would be using them for and the person at the sale gave me a great deal.  I also posted on Freecycle for 2x6 wood and rackets and managed to scrape enough items together for this project to become a reality.

I'm going to have all the bees cut out and sanded and all the rackets cut prior to the crafting day.  The children will be able to paint and spray and assemble.


  2X6 untreated wood
  Sand paper
  drill & bits
  Yellow & Black acrylic paint
  White spray paint
  Clear sealer spray paint
  two beads for eyes
  I justused  two little silver disks from the ends of packaged dough rolls
  2 Badminton rackets
  wire cutter or metal tin snip
  Paper & pencil to make a pattern - optional


I drew a basic Bee shape on the wood and cut it out with a jigsaw.  Sanded the edges so they were smooth.  I really don't want little fingers to get splinters.

Step 3: WINGS

I found it almost impossible to cut through the racket with a hacksaw.  I then tried to use a tin snip and didn't think it would work, but amazed that it did.  I couldn't cut all the way through, but it was enough of a score that I could just snap the top of the racket from the bottom with a nice clean break.

I also drilled the wing holes in the wood at a slight angle to make it appear as if the bee is flying.


This is the creative part where anything goes.  Just make sure to give it all a good coat of clear gloss sealer to protect your bee from the elements.

And that little girl is my sistergldnhair.  She is doing so well and I will always be thankful to the Instructables staff and community for their support.  Even as a baby she was easy with a smile. 

Step 5: EYES

For the eyes, I used two wood beads and  reused the ends of some premade breadstick rolls.  Drill a hole right on the edge of the Bee's face.  Do this at an angle so you can see the eyes easily if you choose to hang your bee on a fence or the side of your house.


Some wire from the hardware store was used for the antenna.  I used 16 guage which was easy to cut and bend.  Some strong glue to hold the pieces in place and that's all.


I put a hook on the back to hang this Bee on the side of my house, but I also though it would work to drill a shallow hole in the back side and place the Bee on a metal stake tucked into the bushes.  You could even zip tie the Bee to a tree.

This particular day we will also be doing Dragonflies of the type that you can easily find on the web.  Ceiling fan blades for the wings and decorative table legs for the bodies.  However, I just could not find table legs at a reasonable price to fit with the craft club budget.  So, we will be using 2x6 wood for the bodies.  I'm hoping to update this Instructable with some picture of the projects the children make.  Check back in the Fall if you want to see them.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have an amazing 2012 Summer.