This instructable document is a quest to create. A balancing toy for everyone to play and can be used as a paperweight on the table

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Step 1: Download and Print the File

Print the file and Cut the template out along the outside lines.

the file is attached below

Step 2: Fold the Tabs and Add a Counterweight

Fold the paper along the tabs. The shape will slowly fold into form. There are glue tabs, carefully add glue to these tabs, and glue it into shape! Feel free to carefully bend the paper to get the proper shape!

Then add counterweight in the middle of black and green template you can use any counterweight example molding clay, pebble, eraser and glue it properly

Step 3: Step 3 Assembly of Toy

You will be having 2 part Now carefully glue the panda face on top of the body and let it dry for a bit

Step 4: PLAY!!!

Have fun using your personal table toy try pushing it around it to get mesmerized with self-standing effect

Let us know in the comments if you make one.

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