Introduction: BALIBERI

Does your child suffer from hemiplegia or does he have a broken arm?

Can’t he play with his friends at ping pong? This simple object will revolutionize his life.

Step 1: For This Project You Will Need:


- A table tennis racket

- a three-millimeter poplar wood plywood table

- a screw

- wood glue


- Laser cutter

- drill

- screwdriver

Step 2:

The first thing to do is to design an octagonal box with inkscape (a software that can be downloaded for free on the internet).

To simplify you can go to a site called “” and download the already-made project of an octagonal box.

Step 3:

Then you need to change the measures as it follows:

- height of the walls: 4 cm

- diameter of the octagon: 5 cm

- diameter of the bigger hole: 8.4 mm

-diameter of the smaller hole: 4.2 mm

Step 4:

Now you can cut the plywood plate with the laser cutter.

Step 5:

It is time to assemble the box. Probably you will need to fix the whole box with the help of wood glue.

Step 6:

Now your box is ready, you can fix it at the end of the racket. To do this you should make a hole with the drill in the handle of the racket, put the screw in the smaller hole and screw it with the screwdriver (that pass in the bigger hole).

Step 7:

Now your BALIBERI is ready to be used