BANANA HANGER (a Way to Conserve More Time Fresh Bananas)




Introduction: BANANA HANGER (a Way to Conserve More Time Fresh Bananas)

Banans last longer when you hang them instead of let them laying over a surface, with this banana hanger and the help of a fridgem you can extend the freshness of bananas several days more.

Step 1: Materials

You need

Step 2: Wire and Clamps

Take a segment of wire and made a twist with the help of clamps

Step 3: Twisted Wire 2

Make the twisted wire, (you can make with two, thre or more segments, in order to get a thicker and bigger twisted wire)ç
this picture shows a 4 wire twisted, but i used a 2 wire twisted in the final hook.

Step 4: The Banana Hanger Finished

With tw twisted wire make a hook, this hook is our banana hanger

Step 5: Banana Hanger in Action

Put the banana hanger in the fridge, attach the bananas to the hook.
and enjoy bananas (a rich source of potassium!)

Step 6: Detail of the Banana Hanger

detail of the banana hanger

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5 years ago

Interesting. This cool non-refrigerator banana-hack on youtube may interest too but another interesting use for the wire-hanger banana-hanger is to first hang a prescription pill bottle onto it with a twist tie inserted into the pill-bottle, then looped around the hanger-loop. Then insert some pens. After that, use a small bulldog clip to hold some scrap paper. After which you can slide the holes of the bulldog-clip onto the hanger-loop. Voila - there you have a handy P&P station (pen & paper station.


Good Idea! But wouldn't an "S"-hook work better than twisted wire? And because they release gas, Couldn't you use one of those new "green bags" with it? Do they ripen faster in the ridge? I always put them on the countertop because I thought they turned brown in the fridge.


14 years ago on Introduction

FYI: bananas last longer when separated. Bananas release a gas (ethylene) that causes anything around them to ripen. Storing them in the fridge makes them last longer, as does hanging them, but the best way to do it is to separate your bananas throughout your kitchen or fridge. You can almost make it look interior-designish. If you want your bananas to ripen quickly, I would recommend inclosing them in a bag, as this will cause the gas to be trapped around them. Just a thought, this is really a nice instructable to make a banana hook.


14 years ago on Introduction

good idea but you could also just use an old mesh bag and duct tape it to the fridge.


14 years ago on Introduction

Good idea! I don't have the grate things in my refrigerator though.. we just put them on the dinner table in this basket thing.