Introduction: BANSHEE Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Banshee Halloween makeup tutorial

Step 1: Let's Start!

1. First I glue my eyebrows, so I can fade them away later.

2. Then I use white face paint.

3. Then I apply it to my face and neck and I also fade my eye brows.

Step 2: Shadows.

4. I draw thin line to my cheek.

5. Fading it out little bit

6. I use black eye shadow and 7. I softly apply it to my cheeks.

Step 3: Cheeks Part 2.

8. Then I draw that line again, to make it look better.

9. I put black face paint under that line with brush.

10. I apply a little bit white eye pencil.

Step 4: Nose

11. I contour my nose with black face paint and I connect that line to my eyebrows. (watch the video.)

Step 5: Lips.

12. and 13. I use red lipstick and I apply it to my lips.

14. and 15. Next I use red face paint and I made the shape look little bit more sharp.

Step 6: Lips Part 2.

16. 17. and 18. I use black face paint and I made the red color little bit darker. You can skip this part if you want, or use dark lipstick.

Step 7: Eyes.

19. and 20. I use white eye pencil and I apply it to my waterline and upper lid next to lash line.

21. I fade it out little bit with brush.

22. example pic.

Step 8: Extra.

23. Apply little bit mascara, if wanted, the look is kind of a cute without lashes too.

24. Put false lashes, if you want.

25. Do "falling tears" with black eye shadow.

Step 9: Hair.

26. and 27. I put my white wig on, I also put little hair pins to wig to make it look better. And we are ready!

Step 10: Complete Look.

I made these long nails out of paper, just cut the paper and glue them. (You can watch the video and see how I apply them.)

I also wear my old wedding dress on, because my version of Banshee, she's crying for "lost love". (Also seen on Charmed tv-show)

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