Introduction: BATARANG

Recently I made this project and it was stunningly easy and something everyone should try, it makes for a great decoration and an even more awesome manly toy.



  1. A metal capable CNC machine with a 1/8' bit
  2. A belt sander or varying grits of sandpaper/metal files
  3. SVG converter (you may use "")
  4. Access to FUSION 360


  1. Steel or aluminum sheet at least 5mm thick with a 1:3 ratio
  2. Black spray paint that works on metal

Step 2: Turn Image to Svg

Use the image above or any simple two-tone black and white image of a Batarang shape that you want to make an SVG file that you can insert into Fusion 360

You can use (

Step 3: Fusion 360 Work

Now that you have the SVG file you can use the insert function on FUSION 360 to put it into the program. (click insert > insert SVG > file icon > choose SVG file)

You will find that when inserted the program only has one plane so all you need to do is use the extrude tool and put in the thickness of your metal sheet but this isn't as required.

Step 4: Translating

You may need to "translate" the file you get from Fusion 360 into one your CNC machine so you will need to do that with an online converter or use the ones I have provided here.

Step 5: Cutting

After that is done you will use your corresponding program to cut the metal sheet

make sure to:

  • Clamp it down well
  • Select the 1/8' bit (though you may choose another that corresponds to your machine"
  • Have the sizing you want correctly

This part may take a while as not only do you have to wait but you will personally have to tinker with how much time you want your machine to take as some CNC's are different in power delivery. This one took 4-8 hours in trial runs

Step 6: Shaping

(this step can be done before or after the spraypainting to give that "edge" look)

Now you have a rough pure metal skeleton, but there are no sharp edges. To fix this you will have to file it down you can use any form of sanding to get this done, a belt sander, sandpaper or metal files, metal files are especially useful on round corners and it is significantly easier if you have a clamp.

Make sure to go finer grit as you go to get a sharper edge.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

This is the easiest part, just lay down the Batarang on a piece of cardboard, spray it down black, and repeat after 5 minutes on each side.

If you want exposed edges you can sand it again to expose the bare metal.

Step 8: The End

Now go out there and play with your new toy

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