Introduction: BATARANG

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Hello everyone, this is my 2nd instructable. A friend from school really likes batman ( who doesn't?) so i thought I would make her a batarang. Here's how I did it.

Step 1: Tools of the Trade and Materials of the Maker

What you need Angle grinder , gloves ( not needed but advised ), a bench top grinder , clamps , tressles ( wooden A frame things. These are needed if you dont want to have metal in your lungs and do this outside. And scrap wood to use a your "table" with the tressles. I used a 30cm by 40cm bit of steel which was far too big but it was nice to have some left over.

Step 2: Mark It Out

Just google batarang and you should find 1000s of pictures pick one that you like best i used the one show above. Print it out, cut out carefully then trace the outside with a Stanley ( or any other marking knife). Your done now onto cutting.

Step 3: Cutting It Out

Before you can do anything makes sure you have the proper safety gear ie glasses , gloves and ear muffs ( my angle grinder make lots of noise). When you have done that makes sure your metal is securely clamped to the wood which in turn is clamped to the tressles. Then grind away. If your as inexperienced as i am with this tool keep a good couple millimeters away from your mark as this is easy to fix and allows more room for error. When cutting out the ears be very careful as they are small and easy to ruin. Other then that good luck.

Step 4: Grinding Into the Final Shape

If you have left the right amount of space this should be easy enough. The only major problem i had here was the part inbetween the ears. To fix this i used a hacksaw to cut down strips then filed the rest down this is very tedious and annoying but it works if anyone else has a suggestion please leave it in the comments. Now that you have your shape you can sharpen it.

Step 5: Sharpening

I wish I had a belt sander, but i don't so i have to work with what I got which is a table top grinder and files. Grind the shape as close as you can to a blade then finish off with a fine file. For the points make sure you file all 4 sides for maximum sharpness.

Step 6: Painting

Any black spray paint will work but i used what I had left black plasti dip works fine and looks amazing. Make sure you turpentine the work first to remove grease and clean the metal. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT . I learnt this the hard way.

Step 7: Admire Your Work

Admire your work but be safe Thankyou.