BB-8 Keychain

Introduction: BB-8 Keychain

If anyone has seen Star Wars The Force Awakens then you will know about the BB-8 unit. But if you have never seen Star Wars The Force Awakens then you may have no idea who or what BB-8 is. The BB-8 is a Astromech Droid, for those who have seen any Star Wars movie R2D2 was also a Astromech Droid who helped Luke Skywalker defeat the Empire. From the ashes of the Empire The First Order rose up. The Resistance well you probably guessed it resisted against the First Order. BB-8 keeps his Poe's X-wing in check. Some basic information about the BB-8 is that he is not built like the R2D2s, he is a ball that rolls with his head staying on top he is orange and also white and his height is .67m. I Designed a BB-8 key chain because there is a big following on the BB-8 and key chains can be expensive so I designed a key chain that is well built and moves from side to side with just using a laser printer, wood and a little bit of glue.


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    7 years ago

    This looks cool! Any way to upload the file so others can make one too?