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This is a bb pellet shooter that shoots bb pellets at a moderate speed. It hurts pretty bad when it hits exposed skin. It launches he bb using force supplied from 2 rubber bands. It is simple to make, using only a pen, a mechanical pencil, duct tape, and 2 rubber bands. You might need pliers or scissors to take apart the pen and mechanical pencil, though. You need to take apart the pen and pencil, keeping only the internal piece of the pencil and the hollow tube of the pen. Put a couple notches in the eraser holder of the pencil piece. Put that inside the pen tube, and put the rubber bands through the notches. Tape the other ends of the rubber bands to the pen, making sure they have no slack, but they don't have any tension either. To shoot, just load the bb in the open end, pull back the pencil, and let it go.

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    4 years ago

    how far does it go?

    If you answer can you please email: