BB Pellet Firing 'bottle Shotgun' - FREE and Easy!

Introduction: BB Pellet Firing 'bottle Shotgun' - FREE and Easy!

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Here's another extremely affordable airsoft-themed project for you to try. All you will need are a few items that you are likely to have in your house, if not, they are all very inexpensive. Surprisingly this was much more effective than originally anticipated, and although it doesn't look great it is fun to use nonetheless and will probably look better if it's painted too. I try to make most of the tutorials about my designs however THIS IS NOT ORIGINALLY MY DESIGN - SO PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO THIS GUY:

Step 1: Tools and Materials

A 2L Bottle, 3/4" / 22m PVC Pipe (2m cost only ~£0.60), Abrasive / Sandpaper, Tape (I used electrical but any should work) Paper Towel, airsoft BB pellets (bad quality 0.12s will work) Hacksaw or PVC pipe cutter.

Step 2: Making

Making is very simple so I think it can be explained in just one step. Cut your 3/4" PVC pipe to desired length using either preferably a PVC pipe cutter or alternatively a hacksaw, making sure the pipe is securely held in a vice when cutting. Then sand down one end using abrasive / sandpaper so it will fit inside the top of the bottle. Once you have done this, hold it in place with the tape. The thing on the end of the barrel is a cheap homemade amplifier thingy that I made, and it also acts as a funnel to help with re-loading. Original creator:

Step 3: Loading and Firing

Rip off one sheet from a paper towel / kitchen roll, then tear off a smaller strip and put it down the barrel. I would recommend using a long object such as a screwdriver for ramming it down further. Once in place take a handful of BB pellets and also put them down the barrel. This is an excellent gun for using up bad quality .12g BBs or pellets that have already been fired or dropped on the ground and have picked up dirt and other imperfections that could potentially damage the internal components of any ordinary airsoft gun. I used four pellets for most of my test shots and they flew 10-15 metres! You can also create a more compact version using a 330ml or 500ml bottle and a shorter piece of PVC.

Step 4: YouTube

I always try to create a video tutorial or additional content to accompany each project I post on Instructables. In this case, I will make a shooting test / firing video and upload it to our YouTube channel which is JaHGamingINC. I also have an older one called JAEProductions1 but most content on there is now 1-2 years old. Thanks for reading this tutorial and hope you enjoyed it!

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