Introduction: BB8 Model With Moving Parts!

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Download the template from here.

Gather your materials.


  • 1x each 6cm, 8cm and 10cm Plastic fillable Christmas spheres
  • Off-shite spray paint for plastic
  • Clear matte spray sealant
  • Light weight air dry clay
  • 2x 4oz fishing weights
  • 3x 8mm Ball transfer rollers (
  • 6x 12.7mm neodymium magnets
  • Orange, black and gray paint, artist’s markers
  • 2-part epoxy
  • Painter’s tape
  • Fine brush
  • Compass
  • Sharp Pliers
  • Baby oil
  • Waterslide Paper for printer (inkjet or laser)

Step 1: Spheres

Use a pair of sharp pliers to clip off the hanging tabs on the spheres.

Sand the area smooth with sand paper or emery board

Step 2: Clay

Using the Air-Dry clay, make a small ball about 1.5cm in diameter. This will be for BB-8’s


Step 3: Weights

Place 1 or 2 small weights inside the bottom half of the 8cm ball and cover in air-dry clay to

fill the hemisphere.

Step 4: Head

For the head, use one half of the 6cm ball and fill with air-dry clay to the brim. Then push in the 3 ball transfers so they are in a triangular configuration and each is slightly tilted inward so they have good contact to the round surface of the 10cm ball. You can use a small cup to hold the 6cm ball steady as you work. Use one half of the 10cm ball to push the ball transfers into place so they glide nicely. After the air-dry clay dries, you may need to use epoxy to re-adhere the ball transfers into place so they don’t fall out.

Step 5: Magnets

Using 2-part epoxy or a super strong glue, attach the magnets to the INSIDE of the other half of the 8cm ball. Apply plenty of epoxy so the magnets do not move.

Step 6: Paint

Paint both halves of the 10cm ball and one half of the 6cm ball with the off-white spray paint.

Use the pattern provided to lay out the location of the circles. First mark the center point in each hemisphere. Then make a straight line to each edge of the hemisphere. Make a perpendicular line that also runs edge to edge. Now use the compass to measure the radius of the pattern circles. Transfer this measurement to the balls and make circles at the intersection of each cross. Make half circles along the edge of the hemispheres where the straight lines meet the edge.

Step 7: Transfer Patterns

  • Transfer the rest of the pattern to the balls using the same technique, measuring with the compass and making circles. You can take some liberty with the design and add boxes and wedge designs where you like. Don’t forget to add little red and blue light dots.
  • Use paint to fill in the design. Artist’s markers work well, too.
  • Do the same with the head. BB-8 has a band of orange along the circumference of his head, so paint that in as well.
  • Take the 1.5cm ball of air-dry clay and cut it in half. Paint it black and attach it to his head.
  • Paint in two other smaller circles in black and gray for his other cameras and access ports.

Step 8: Assembly

  • Once the air-dry clay and epoxy inside the 8cm ball have dried, apply 2-part epoxy to the lip of one of the hemispheres and glue the top on tightly. We want an air-tight fit so no liquid gets inside.
  • Add a little bit of baby oil to the inside of the 10cm ball, just enough so the 8cm ball floats inside. Place the fully dried 8cm ball inside. Then, add epoxy to the inside lip of the 10cm ball and attach the top, making another air-tight fit.
  • Seal both the 10cm and 6cm balls with clear matte sealant spray. You can create a worn finish on BB-8 by distressing the surface before sealing the paint. He rolls around everywhere and his metal parts get worn and rusted. Use markers, paint, and sponges to distress the surface. You can also add small black splotches where he has had electrical short circuits.

Step 9: Final Touches and Go!

  • Position his head on top so it engages with the magnets.
  • Give a gentle push and watch him roll along the table.